Welcome to the Veterinary Practice "Am Moritzberg"

My name is Dr. Fritz Karbe, my team and I have a veterinary practice in Leinburg-Diepersdorf – a town just north-east of Nuremberg, between the cities of Lauf and Altdorf.
I am an American citizen and you will therefore not have a language barrier in our practice – so don't hesitate and make an appointment with us.
Our practice focuses on small animals and exotics. In addition to „normal“ cats and dogs, we look after sick avian, reptile, and fish patients as well as exotic mammals.

Practice hours

Appointment hours:
Mo.-Fr. 09:30 - 12:00 / 15:30 - 18:00

Appointments only by prior arrangement

Tel.  +49 9120-4409272
Fax. +49 9120-4409273

e-mail: fritz.karbe@zoodocs.de

Dr. med. vet. Fritz Karbe
Zoo and wildlife specialist
Industriestraße 26
91227 Leinburg/Diepersdorf

About our practice

As the only veterinary practice in Leinburg, we offer complete care, including surgery and internal medicine. Our modern anaesthetic machines are comperable to those in human medicine.
Our equipment includes digital x-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, and an in-house lab for blood work.
We focus on the digestive tract, starting with dentistry and ending with the examination of fecal samples. We work together with an animal food company to create an individual recipe to fulfill all the needs of your dog. Thereafter you can order the food on the Internet and have it delivered to your home.
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